Online harvest registration requires sign-in for better information security

Hunters who harvest deer, bear or turkey starting this season will need to sign into the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources electronic license system when registering a harvest online.  

“Requiring hunters to log in adds another layer of security to protect their personal information,” said Steve Michaels, licensing program director. “We recognize that online game registration will be a little less convenient and we appreciate hunters’ patience as they adapt to the new process.”

In 2017, half of all deer harvest were registered using the online system, so this new security measure is important.

To register a harvest, go to The harvest registration system is available after hunters enter their information in the customer identification page, similar to when purchasing a DNR license or permit. Once signed in, click on the harvest tab. Harvest registration is the same as in past years, and requires hunters to enter a nine-digit harvest registration number that is printed on the license.

“While in the system registering your animal, we also recommend adding your email address to your electronic record,” Michaels said. “The DNR is increasingly using email to conduct surveys and communicate with license holders on a variety of wildlife issues.”

Hunters also can choose to register a harvest by calling 1-888-706-6367 and following the instructions, or in person at any big game registration station.

Hunting regulations and details about when harvest registration is required are available at