Annual fishing closure near Pike River hatchery in effect to protect spawning fish

Anglers heading to Lake Vermilion will notice fishing closure signs for the Pike River near the seasonal Pike River hatchery operation. The temporary closure is enacted each spring from April 1 to May 30 to protect concentrations of spawning walleye that may be vulnerable to over-harvest. 

The fishing closure extends from the Pike River Dam to the mouth of the river where it enters Pike Bay.  Signs are posted at the closed area.

Pike Bay on Lake Vermilion is not closed to fishing.

The protected slot requires that all walleyes from 20 to 26 inches be immediately released. Special regulations for pike require that all pike from 24 to 36 inches be immediately released.

Closures apply to fishing only; travel is permitted through these areas.

Questions can be directed to the DNR fisheries office in Tower at 218-300-7803, or to Edie Evarts, Tower area fisheries supervisor, at