Sherburne County Geologic Atlas, Part B hydrogeology available

The Sherburne County Geologic Atlas-Part B was recently published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Part B covers groundwater conditions and sensitivity to pollution. It expands on Part A, the geology atlas previously published by the Minnesota Geological Survey. The atlases are a valuable resource for groundwater management and land-use planning.

Sherburne County is characterized by sandy surface and subsurface conditions. This type of geology creates extensive and productive aquifers that are relatively sensitive to pollution. In addition to maps of pollution sensitivity, groundwater chemistry data are shown, highlighting areas with elevated concentrations of chloride and nitrate. The deeper bedrock aquifers of the eastern part of the county are less sensitive to pollution.

The atlas can be acquired through the following sources:

  • Online: PDFs of the report and maps, GIS files and program information are available by searching “Sherburne County Geologic Atlas, Part B.” The GIS folder includes GIS files and associated metadata for the water table, wells, and maps for groundwater flow and pollution sensitivity. The ArcMap file displays the data as shown on the published maps and includes hyperlinks to image files of the published cross sections.
  • Paper copies: Part A and B atlases can be purchased from Minnesota Geological Survey Map Sales, 612-626-2969. Prices for each atlas package range from $12–$15.

County geologic atlases provide geologic and hydrogeologic information to support regional planning and water resource management and protection. Partial funding for this project was provided by the Clean Water Fund and the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.