Prescribed burn planned for Remer, Longville area

A prescribed burn to improve wildlife habitat in the Remer/Longville area is being planned for early spring, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The area to be burned is a portion of open grass and sedge meadow along the north side of Laura Lake in Remer and Inguadona townships.

The open grass and sedge meadow is being burned to improve wildlife habitat for the 70 species of wildlife – including waterfowl that require and use open meadow habitat. Periodic fire naturally maintains and enhances these meadows by killing and reducing encroaching brush, burning dead vegetation and generally improving the growth and vigor of the meadow plants.

The burn will take place when the lowland meadow is snow free but when there is still adequate moisture to inhibit burning in the uplands. Care is taken to ensure the burn is conducted under proper weather conditions and that the needed manpower and equipment is available to keep the fire under control.

“We expect to burn about 415 acres if conditions are right, so it’s likely that smoke will be visible from quite a distance,” said Mark Spoden, Grand Rapids area assistant wildlife manager. “The fine grass and meadow fuels will burn quickly and burn crews should be able to complete the burn in one day. Mop up crews will revisit the site for a couple days to ensure all flames are extinguished.”

Because of the narrow window for proper conditions and weather variability, a specific date for the burn cannot be announced in advance and the burn may not take place. Homeowners are reminded to check burning restrictions on the DNR website and secure burning permits when needed before burning on private lands.