7 county geologic atlases released

The County Geologic Atlas program has released seven new atlases: four for geology and three for hydrogeology. The atlases illustrate the geologic and hydrogeologic setting and pollution sensitivity of the aquifers in the counties mapped. This information can be used to make land-use decisions that take aquifer sensitivity, water quality, and sustainability into account. 

The atlases are created in two parts. The Minnesota Geological Survey first produces Part A covering the geology of a county. After its completion, the Department of Natural Resources builds on this information to produce Part B, the hydrogeology (groundwater). The program has completed atlases for about half of the counties in the state for Part A and a third for Part B.

The following atlases are now available:

Part A Geology: Redwood, Wadena, Brown, and Becker counties
Part A is a study of a county’s geology, and its mineral and groundwater resources. The Minnesota Geological Survey has published Part A geology atlases for the following counties:

Part B Hydrogeology: Anoka, Nicollet, and Sibley counties
Part B includes information on groundwater conditions and pollution sensitivity. The DNR has published the Part B hydrogeology atlases for the following counties.

Counties participate in the project by requesting an atlas be completed for their county and contribute typically by establishing accurate locations for wells with construction records. Homeowners contribute by allowing their wells to be sampled for gathering data about the aquifers in the area.

The resulting information contains maps, database files, and reports and is available in print, PDF and GIS formats.

To inquire about the Minnesota Geological Survey Part A or to purchase printed copies of Part A or B, call 612-626-2969, or Dale Setterholm, associate director, 612-626-5119, sette001@umn.edu.

For more information about the DNR Part B, or to request training on the content and use of the Part B atlas, contact Paul F. Putzier, supervisor, 651-259-5692, paul.putzier@state.mn.us.

This project is funded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources and the Clean Water Fund.