DNR announces appointments to committee on natural heritage

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr has appointed four new members to the Commissioner’s Advisory Committee on Natural Heritage. The committee advises the department on programs related to the state’s native prairies, forests, wetlands, and their native plants and animals.

The new members are Alyssa Alness of Jordan, Kristen Blan of Cushing, Sarah Malick-Wahls of Ely and Michael Spry of Nevis.

Appointees advise the DNR on issues related to sustaining the state’s natural heritage and biological diversity. Since 1966, the committee has made recommendations and given support to state scientific and natural areas. The committee also now advises other programs within the department’s Ecological and Water Resources Division, including Nongame Wildlife, Minnesota Biological Survey, prairie protection, rare resources, wetland monitoring, and terrestrial invasive species.

The committee members have broad knowledge and experience related to natural area systems and represent the diverse ecological and demographic interests of Minnesotans. Landwehr appointed the new committee members in January for terms of up to 5 years.

Find a list of all committee members, a meeting schedule and other details on the committee webpage.