Hunters can register deer through phone, Internet or in person

Hunters can register deer they harvest by making a telephone call, using the Internet or bringing deer to a big-game registration station, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Registration instructions for all methods are available on the game registration page.

“Hunters can decide for themselves what registration option works best for their situation,” said Steve Merchant, wildlife populations and regulations manager. “Hunters often prefer the convenience of phone or Internet registration, but they can still choose to register deer at in-person registration stations.”

In all areas, deer must be registered within 48 hours after the deer was taken, before being processed and before antlers are removed. Deer can be transported out of the area where they were taken before being registered. Registration is important because it provides data on harvest that’s used for management of deer populations. Registering a deer in the wrong deer permit area is illegal.

Phone registration
Register deer via phone by calling 888-706-6367. Directions are printed on each deer hunting license. Have a pen ready. A confirmation number will be given; it must be written on the license and site tag.

Internet registration
Register deer via Internet on the game registration page. Directions will be similar to phone registration, and a confirmation number must be written on the license and site tag.

In-person registration
When phone or Internet registration is not possible, hunters must take their deer to a big-game registration station. The person whose name appears on the license must be present at the registration station with their deer. They will receive a big-game possession tag that must be attached to the hind leg, ear or antler where the site tag was attached. A list of all stations organized by city and county is available at any DNR wildlife office or on the deer hunting page.