DNR seeks public involvement in northeastern Minnesota forest plan

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources invites the public to view a recorded presentation and weigh in on a forest management plan being prepared for a large section of northeastern Minnesota.

The presentation is on the forestry planning Web page. After viewing, the public can provide input through a survey available through Oct 17.

The recording, NSU Alternative Harvest Scenarios, reviews alternative harvest scenarios for DNR forest lands in the northern Superior uplands (NSU) section. It outlines forest issues such as maintaining a sustainable harvest level, amounts of lowland conifers reserved from harvest, and amounts of young and old forest maintained in the planning area.

People are asked to rate the relative importance of these forest management issues, and provide other comments on the forest planning process. The DNR will use survey responses and comments to determine future harvest management on DNR-administered lands.

This is the second of three presentations the DNR is using to seek public input as forest management plans are prepared. The three presentations are:

  • Introduction and Background on the Subsection Forest Resource Management Planning Process (posted June 2014).
  • NSU Alternative Harvest Scenarios.
  • Review of the Draft NSU plan (scheduled for early 2016).

Before reviewing the current webinar, the DNR recommends people review the first presentation, which explains changes to the planning process since the first generation of plans were implemented. The first presentation can be found on the forestry Web page.

The current presentation and survey will be available for public review and input through Oct. 17. Background on the DNR’s forestry planning process, goals and objectives can be viewed on the forestry planning page.