Nice Ride Bemidji offers bike rentals at Lake Bemidji State Park

(Released August 18, 2014)

Lake Bemidji State Park has opened a Nice Ride station, located near the park office building.

Nice Ride station at Lake Bemidji State Park

Nice Ride station at Lake Bemidji State Park

It’s a pilot project designed to increase biking in Bemidji by both residents and visitors. There are 200 bikes available for residents and visitors to rent in Bemidji, including 10 bikes at the station at the park.

“Lake Bemidji State Park is the perfect place to host a Nice Ride Bemidji station,” said Pete Harrison, park manager. “It contains more than 6 miles of trail within the park, connects with the trail system around Lake Bemidji, and is the northernmost trailhead for the Paul Bunyan State Trail, which travels more than 115 miles all the way to Crow Wing State Park.”

Nice Ride Bemidji is a standard rental service offering bike rentals at a flat fee by the hour, day or week. The station offers visitors staying at the park another option for travelling into town or around the lake. They can also plan an entire weekend around riding the Bemidji area trails.

Normal rental rates for the bikes are $6 per hour, $20 per half day, $25 per day or $80 per week.

“We often receive requests for bike rentals,” Harrison said, “so it just makes sense to have a station at the park that can accommodate our customer requests. This also gave us the opportunity to get involved early with an incredible community program that promotes active living and outdoor recreation.”

Park visitors can reserve bikes online using personal computers, tablets or smartphone devices. The park office is unable to make reservations for customers, but the campground and visitor center do have Wi-Fi connections.

Find more information on the Nice Ride Bemidji program online.

For more information about the park, including a map and virtual tour on the park Web page.