DNR seeks public comment on Cedar Lake trout designation removal

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is seeking comments on the proposal to remove the stream trout designation from Cedar Lake, located south of Aurora in White Township.

As part of a statewide review of the trout stocking program and a desire to be more efficient, rainbow trout stocking was ended on the lake in 2009. DNR fisheries surveys indicated trout survival was low and that there were numerous other competing gamefish in the lake due to illegal stocking.


Removing the designation means Cedar Lake will no longer be regulated as a stream trout lake for fishing. A trout stamp will no longer be required and angling will no longer be restricted to the trout season only.


Activities taking place within this water will no longer be subject to special restrictions under the DNR public waters work permit program or under Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regulations. General statewide regulations for nontrout public waters would then apply.


As outlined in the 2013 Cedar Lake management plan, DNR fisheries will manage Cedar Lake as a bass-panfish lake.


“Cedar Lake has not provided a quality trout fishing experience in a long time,” said Edie Evarts, Tower area fisheries supervisor. “Removing the trout designation will provide opportunity for anglers to enjoy the now abundant bluegill population.”


Copies of the lake management plan can be reviewed at the Tower area fisheries office. Questions or comments about the proposal to remove the trout designation can be directed to Edie Evarts, 650 Highway 169, Tower, MN, 55790; 218-753-2580 ext. 222; or edie.evarts@state.mn.us.
Public comment on the proposal will be accepted until Oct. 10.