DNR general permit may help expedite flood repair in Koochiching and northern St Louis counties

Homeowners, businesses and municipalities impacted by flooding in Koochiching and northern St. Louis counties who want to restore damaged shorelines, culverts and rock crib docks to pre-flood condition, may be able to quickly acquire the necessary repair permit by applying online for a general permit 2001-1172 at the Minnesota permitting and reporting system (MPARS) website at www.mndnr.gov/mpars.

Before beginning repairs, people working at or below the high water level on shorelines or stream beds need to submit a brief application, attain approval to do work in public waters and pay a fee to obtain a permit. For repairs that extend above the high water level, also contact the local governmental unit to address any local zoning ordinances.
Obtaining the general permit authorization online through MPARS is a faster way to get the required approval for repairs than with the paper forms.

To obtain project authorization under general permit 2001-1172 using MPARS:

Log on to the website at www.mndnr.gov/mpars.
Click the Open MPARS tab.
Create an account.
Complete the permit application.
Pay the fee online for your permit.

To see if a proposed project is a candidate for a general permit, visit http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/waters/watermgmt_section/pwpermits/general_permit_2001-1172.pdf  and review condition No. 12 for guidelines. People who want to make improvements or upgrades beyond the original condition of their property need to apply for more extensive permitting.

Anyone without Internet access can obtain a paper permit application from their area DNR or county zoning office.

Questions about the permitting process, types of repairs that can be done, or whether a project meets the requirements of a general permit, can be directed to a DNR hydrologist. In Koochiching County, contact Erika Herr at 218-327-4106; or in northern St Louis County, contact Amy Loiselle at 218-735-3963.